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How many yaks would a yakfucker fuck if a yakfucker could fuck yaks?

Damn Giant Red Spots!

24 August 1985
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Right.Time to update this. I live in America.I'm the most unamerican, american you'll ever meet. I've been completely saturated by English society. Especially by Chelsea fc. Love em.Went to two of their games this past summer.After the DC United game I met some of the players.Went to the Ac Milan game in Jersey. Am in love with the hotel I stayed in. But I ramble. I've got a serious obsesion with languages. Portuguese and Italian has taken me over before. But I've learned the most with my current love, German. It could be that I've got a pronunciation guide in the from of the utterly sexy Rammstein men, but eh.

I have this strange happening, where I seem to gather every Englishman around me. I went on a cruise a year ago. It went to the bahamas and key west * where I got my gorgeous Coach bag and wallet!*), and it didn't help that the champions leage semi-finals were going on, but I found em all. It entertains me so. Englishmen are entertaining, but if you really want to know my downfall, It's German, Irish, or Scottish men. Something about that accent....

I used to have a paragraph about how if you aren't a slasher, you'd have to ignore a few entires, but not so much anymore.Don't get me wrong, I love slash. Whether it be of the brotherly SPN kind, or football, I'm all for it. IT's just that my muses have been broken, for a while.

I got into Twilight recently.Love it! Something about Vampires. Always have loved them. Is it December 12th yet?! I gave up resisting and am starting college in Late August. Only taking Western Civilization 2 and M81, I'm a Math moron. That should work out nicely with my work. Atleast now my random history rants might have a place, that they'd actually make sense.